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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I provide my own garments for embroidery and/or print purposes?


Yes! We are happy to work with you in designing your logo and will embroider or print it on your supplied garment. If you would like your name for example on the garment just let us know where you want and we will look after the rest.


2) How do I order?


1. See our catalogue and pick out your item choice.

2. Note down the 5 digit code for that item (or multiple items).

3. Visit our contact page, fill out the form with the item code and outline what you require.

4. Send us a picture of what you want embroidered/printed.


We will look after the rest.


3) How do you embroider/print my logo on to garments?


Simply, you provide us with a picture of what you want printed/embroidered onto your garment. Our in house specialist uses a programme to replicate this image into a format which can be used on our machines.


4) Why are your costs not supplied on your website?


Each contract we take on is tailored to the individuals needs and as a result costs can vary from contract to contract. We are more then happy to quote you by phone or email once you give us a brief overview of what you require.


5) Can I pick up my order from your offices?


Yes! Please see our contact page for our location.


6) Can you deliver my order?


We can arrange for your order to be sent to you by post/courier however additional postage costs will apply.


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